Treatment procedure

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1 The First Infertility Visit

The first basic step in treating infertility is consultation with a specialist who recommends an appropriate method of medical treatment after analysing the patient’s health condition and conducting necessary tests.

The first visit can be booked by telephone, e-mail or by filling out an online form. Our staff will assist you to set a convenient time for your visit, select a doctor, provide necessary information and answer any questions that might arise.

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2 Diagnostics of infertility

We provide all tests necessary for diagnosing infertility. Usually, the male and female patients undergo analysis simultaneously in order to best determine the cause of the problems with getting pregnant.

When diagnosing female infertility, a sex hormone analysis, ultrasound of the reproductive system, evaluation of the correct construction of the uterus and a tubal patency test are performed. In the case of men, a semen analysis is key. If the seminal parameters differ from the norm, he may be referred for more detailed diagnostics by means of hormonal or microbiological tests.

Semen Analysis

We conduct full computerized semen analyses by using state-of-the art equipment which guarantees repeatability and comparability of results. The volume and quality of the sperm is analysed and its number, shape and vitality are verified. In the case that there is no sperm in an ejaculate, a testicle biopsy can be advised.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

A hysteroscopy can be performed for a more detailed diagnostic treatment. This endoscopic gynecological procedure enables an evaluation of the uterine cavity.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy

After diagnosing the cause of infertility, performing a laparoscopy, which involves the insertion of an endoscope into the abdominal cavity, is, at times, necessary. This method enables samples to be taken for the purposes of histopathological testing.

Evaluation of the ovarian reserve

The basic test that allows for the evaluation of the ovarian reserve is establishing the level of the AMH (anti-Mullarian) hormone. It is performed on the basis of a blood sample. The results of the AMH level tests allow us to determine the remaining stock and quality of the women’s ovarian follicle.

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3 Considering insemination

If basic treatment for infertility including pharmacological and surgical treatment proves ineffective, the doctor may suggest reproductive methods. The simplest form is insemination.

This method entails inserting sperm that has been selected and appropriately prepared in the laboratory into the uterus. Insemination is most often performed in cases of low quality sperm, ejaculatory disorders, the presence of spermicides, anatomical abnormalities, ovulation disorders and early stage endometriosis. Insemination can also be considered before in vitro is recommended.

in vitro

4 Considering in vitro

If the less complicated forms of therapy prove to be ineffective, we then apply the most advanced method of treating infertility – in vitro.

The procedure begins with ovarian hyperstimulation by means of hormonal treatment. Throughout this time, the patient remains under close medical supervision. An ovarian puncture is then performed and egg cells are collected which are then fertilized in laboratory conditions with sperm previously collected. The final stage of the procedure is the transfer of the embryo into the woman’s uterus. At Klinika Bocian, we use the best possible methods of in vitro fertilization and procedures that increase the effectiveness of such treatment.