Semen analysis

1Full computerized semen analysis for 160 PLN

When analysing semen at our clinic, you receive a reliable diagnosis of your fertility without bearing unnecessary additional costs. Our tests include all information needed to evaluate the clinical situation of the patients.

Semen analysis

2Free of charge result consultation

After receiving your results, you will be able to consult our laboratory diagnostician free of charge.

Semen analysis

3Short waiting times

Results of the basic semen analysis are available within three hours.

Frequently asked questions

Semen analysis

Sexual activity should be avoided from 3 to 5 days prior to the test.

We specialize in treating infertility and we draw particular attention to standards guaranteeing the applicability of the semen analysis in infertility diagnostics. We perform the tests by using state-of-the-art equipment which guarantees repeatability and comparability of results. We ensure comfortable conditions and discretion and we also offer the possibility of consulting specialists about the results.

  • Sperm count: >= 15 mln/ml or 39 mln/ejaculate
  • Sperm vitality: >= 58% of live sperm
  • Sperm motility: >= 32% of sperm with progressive movement
  • Volume of ejaculate: >= 1,5 ml
  • pH: >= 7,2